Eliot Feenstra

Eliot Feenstra is a performer, farmer, and activist. His recent work has been focused on community-based theatre as a tool for cultural and economic development in a small rural community in southwestern Oregon. (He has also started several 24-hour play companies and festivals, most recently in the Illinois Valley.)

He is also interested in ritual, magic, theology, how people connect to place, and radical queerness. Eliot grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, is transgender, likes to grow food, and plays the accordion.

2015 – A Scrooge Story (RiverStars Performing Arts, Cave Junction, OR)


A collaboration among youth and intergenerational ensembles to devise a dance/theatre radical re-interpretation of the “Christmas Carol” story relevant to the concerns and culture of this rural community. Eliot directed elementary and high-school ensembles and performed as Narcissus, based on Donald Trump’s public image in the election campaign. The process culminated in a full-length performance in December, 2015.