Lauren Moran

Lauren Moran is interested in creating interdisciplinary projects that often involve conversation, publication, collaboration, education, printmaking or curation. The work aims to experiment with the systems we are all embedded in by organizing situations of connection, openness, questioning and non-hierarchical learning. This past year Lauren was the Artist in Residence at Project Grow and the PSU Campus Rec Center.

Follow her process and work here and here


Talk to Everyone and Everything About Race, 2016, in collaboration with Lisa Jarrett, Roz Crews and Amanda Evans, presented at Art in Odd Places: Race



Portland Museum of Art & Sports, 2016, in collaboration with Anke Schüttler, presented at the PSU Campus Rec Center



To Teach How Perfect2016, in collaboration with Sarah Wolf Newlands, Project Grow artists, and Winter 2016 PSU Freshman Inquiry Work of Art Students, Presented at Port City Gallery

Built around a series of collaborative exchanges between artists at Project Grow and Freshman students at Portland State University. This project was organized with the intention to question the boundaries between institutional forms of knowledge and self-taught artists’ practices, exploring situations that form artistic values and strategies useful to students in their developing practices.img_1215img_1607img_1400


Questions About Apathy/Talking Circle: Apathy, in collaboration with Melika Belhaj, Presented at Likewise

A group conversation based upon images and questions in a publication, dealing with the intersection of local news and questions around apathy.

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