Lillyanne Pham

I was born in 1997 and raised by Việt refugees in a trailer park near cornfields and suburbs (they/bạn/she/em/chị). I see myself as a multimedia storyteller, placekeeping artist, social media scholar, and cultural worker. I ground my work in ancestral knowledge, the world wide web, community-powered safety/sanctuary, playfulness, rage, magic, and altars. Since graduating from Reed College in 2020, my work and I have been rooted in East Portland exploring the power of BIPOC youth decision making. I also organize as a member of Metro’s Equity Advisory Committee (EAC), the Contingent‘s SINE and ELI network, 2022 Atabey Medicine BIPOC Apprenticeship, and the O82 Art Crew. You can follow my work on IG: @lillyannepham or website:

Below are two of my current projects:

In May 2021, I led a series of workshops, Youth for Parkrose, with Historic Parkrose NPI for youth of color and underserved youth (ages 14-20) in Portland’s Parkrose district. This led to the development of Youth for Parkrose into an after-school youth program. From housing justice to gun violence awareness, we explore place-based topics through creative workshops to empower youth’s inner decision-makers.

Youth for Parkrose: End Gun Violence with Outside the Frame funded by the City of Portland’s Healing through Art grant.

The Orchards of 82nd (O82) mural is another East Portland-based project that I’m working on with my collaborator, Paola De La Cruz, supported by Mural Arts Philadelphia and APANO. From Sept 2021 to Aug 2022, we will be leading a socially engaged mural project with O82 residents, neighboring organizations, and community groups.

Paola and I hosting our first open office hours for the O82 mural using Next World Tarot by Cristy Road.