Image from Lou Blumberg’s interview with Simeen Anjum: A woman at the PSU protest encampment writing a placard with a piece of coal. The placard says “Inquilab Zindabad” in Hindi (Simeen’s first language), a popular protest slogan that translates to “Long Live the Revolution.” (May 2024)

The world always seems to be in a hurry, but this period feels particularly intense. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, another conflict erupted on our planet. After 75 years of Israeli occupation of Palestine, the kidnapping of Israelis by Hamas led Israel to wage a genocidal bombing campaign in Gaza. Many innocent Palestinians have lost their lives in these attacks, and the violence continues. Demonstrations opposing Israel’s actions against Palestine have broken out across American universities, including a significant protest at Portland State University where students and community members collectively grieved and were violently dispersed by Portland Police. The library has been damaged by some protestors and remains closed; it will stay closed until the fall semester. There’s little I can say, but even in sorrow, we are alive. I hope you find moments of peace.

-Midori Yamanaka

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