20 Questions: Xi Jie Ng

  1. Where is the magic in social practice?
  2. How do you tend to a plant?
  3. How do I live my life?
  4. Will you pray with me?
  5. Can I teach you to pronounce my real name?
  6. What can you cook with pandan?
  7. Where do fantasy and reality meet?
  8. Where can I sail to?
  9. What to find?
  10. How do I collaborate with, sustain and nourish myself?
  11. Is my grandmother an artist?
  12. What is the essence of this work?
  13. Why make projects with friends?
  14. How do we want to spend time together?
  15. How can I make work a great, deep, patient pleasure?
  16. What are my dreams saying?
  17. What happens if I slow down?
  18. Shall we go on an adventure together?
  19. Shall we keep making things with our hands, for ourselves?
  20. What do I enjoy?

To learn more about Xi Jie’s work, go here.