Conversations On Everything: Interviews Spring 2021


Salty Xi Jie Ng

Editor's Note: The Source Commissioner Speaks

Salty Xi Jie Ng with Harrell Fletcher

Going the Extra Mile (Luis Insists on Hardcover)

Becca Kauffman with Luis Orlando Beltran

A Book for the Travel Ritual

Diana Marcela Cuartas with Reyna R.

Agnes Varda Forever

Laura Glazer with Jennifer “JJ” Jones

Is This Your Card?

Caryn Aasness with Shannon Hunter, Steph Luke, and Adrian Pants Messado

A Bear in the Forest

Kiara Walls with Jordan Williams

Dinosaur Death Books

Shelbie Loomis with Lucille Linville

Moments of Blackness Matter

Justin Maxon with H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams

Surfing in Maine

Brianna Ortega with Tess from Maine

The Candy Project

Emma Duehr Mitchell with Carter Collins

The Whole Thing Done Changed

Nolan Hanson with Carl Westbrooks

Conversations On Everything: Interviews Winter 2021


Laura Glazer

Letter from the editor

Salty Xi Jie Ng

Talking About Trans Boxing

Nolan Hanson with Trans Boxing & Portland State University students

A City of Newcomers

Caryn Aasness with Ethan Seltzer

On the Other Side of the Fence

Mo Geiger with Danielle Moser

Becoming Black

Brianna Ortega with Master Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr.

Illustrations: The Ordered Steps of a Cultural Worker

Justin Maxon and H. “Herukhuti” Sharif Williams with Desire Grover

What Qualifies You to Do What You Do?

Emma Duehr Mitchell with Brianna Ortega


Diana Marcela Cuartas with Moe and Nikki Hall

Have a Nice Day

Becca Kauffman with James Blount

Talking Books

Laura Glazer with Laura Moulton

Art, Education, and Social Realms

Rebecca Copper with Nato Thompson

Diversity In Art

Kiara Walls with Darryl Ratcliff

Taking Up Brown Queer Space con Dorian Wood

Carlos Reynoso with Dorian Wood

Naming the Trickster

Jordan Rosenblum with Elario Andreini

Conversations On Everything: Interviews Fall 2020

Letter from the editor

Salty Xi Jie Ng

What’s One Other Thing?

Nolan Hanson with Gavilán Rayna Russom

Abandonment issues

Caryn Aasness with Jon Aasness

Considering Utility

Mo Geiger with Mary Mattingly

Identity and Spaces

Brianna Ortega with Soheila Azadi

Social Practice and Equity

Justin Maxon and H. "Herukhuti" Sharif Williams

Research Is Constant

Emma Mitchell with Roz Crews

On art fairs, strikes, grants and building audiences

Diana Marcela Cuartas with Espacio Odeón

Jennifer Vanilla Goes To Therapy

Becca Kauffman with Adolfo Profumo

To Whom It May Concern

Laura Glazer with Rita Glazer

If Images Could Speak

Rebecca Copper with Adrian Rosser

Cultivating Community

Kiara Walls with Rachel Rushing and Emily Riggert (Sunset Art Studios)

The Cascade of Possibilities

Shelbie Loomis with Enrique Martínez Celaya

Issue 5: Pedagogy

Issue 4: Exchange

Issue 3: Recreation

The Radical Imagination Gymnasium

Patricia Vazquez Gomez, Erin Charpentier, Travis Neel, and Zachary Gough

Physical Education

keyon gaskin, Allie Hankins, Lu Yim and Takahiro Yamamoto

Guns, Money, Mud, and Play

Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr. and Katie Shook

An Interview with Jen Delos Reyes

Spencer Byrne-Seres in conversation with Jen Delos Reyes

The Portland Museum of Art and Sports

Lauren Moran and Anke Schüttler

Letter from the Editors

Spencer Byrne-Seres, Eric John Olson, and Tia Kramer

Issue 2: Perception

Create More Space Than You Take Up

Tia Kramer in conversation with Maria del Carmen Montoya

Art Education & Public Programming within Art Institutions

Brianna Ortega in conversation with Jennelyn Tumalad

What is notMoMA?

Sara Krajewski

Where Social Work Meets Art and Social Practice

Brianna Ortega in conversation with Dr. Laura Burney Nissen

Artist Matoska's Interview with a Parapsychologist

Matoska with Deborah Erickson, PHD and Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr.

Our Daughter, the Artist

Hue Boey Kuek with input from Say Cheong Ng


Elissa Favero

Letter from the Editors

Spencer Byrne-Seres, Eric John Olson, and Brianna Ortega

Issue 1: Civics


Spencer Byrne-Seres, Kimberly Sutherland, and Eric John Olson

Justice in History

Gerald Scrutchions

Life: Through the Eyes of a Hobo

Jesse F. James AKA John Paul Young

The Social Forms of Art (SoFA) Journal is a publication dedicated to supporting, documenting and contextualising social forms of art and its related fields and disciplines. Each issue of the Journal takes an eclectic look at the ways in which artists are engaging with communities, institutions and the public. The Journal supports and discusses projects that offer critique, commentary and context for a field that is active and expanding.

Created within the Portland State University Art & Social Practice Masters In Fine Arts. Program, SoFA Journal is now fully online.

Conversations on Everything is an expanding collection of interviews produced as part of SoFA Journal. Through the potent format of casual interviews as artistic research, insight is harvested from artists, curators, people of other fields and everyday humans. These conversations study social forms of art as a field that lives between and within both art and life.

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