About the Journal

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The Art and Social Practice Journal is an initiative of the Portland State University Art and Social Practice Master of Fine Arts Program. The journal is a student run publication that aims to publish interviews, site visits, public research, project updates, essays, and artist writings that relate to social practice as a field.

By taking an expansive view of the journal as a platform, our goal is to build a body of written and multimedia work that reflects the places, people, dialogues, and observations that build out of socially engaged practices. We hope to do this by providing a forum and online platform for socially engaged artists to publish work (both directly and indirectly relating to their practices) and situating this work in the communities where it is taking place. The journal is not a forum for art criticism, but an attempt to create a site for critical discourse around socially engaged practices.

The Social Practice Journal is open to submissions and project proposals. We open this online space up for hosting information, data, writing, and multimedia.

For more information or to submit: