Program Report

program report

Program Report is a correspondence project that collects information and reflections on creating and sustaining spaces with a socially engaged focus. The project consists of monthly posts from a variety of spaces around the world that include meeting notes, artist interviews, reflections, project updates, and photograph. The project will take place over the course of 12 months, and include 4-6 spaces with different models but a shared interest or emphasis on socially engaged art. The goal is to foster dialogue and critical reflection on these efforts in a public format, and to build a written account of the challenges and considerations involved in creating alternative models for artists to work within.

Participating in the project are:

Greensboro Project Space is an art space created by the School of Art at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. One of the inspirations for Program Report was the GPS Correspondent project, that invited artists from around the world to become local correspondents for the space, reporting back on their activities and observations from the communities they are a part of. GPS produces a prolific number of projects and exhibitions, and has a specific focus on ‘creative, dynamic, and collaborative public programming.

Front/Space is a storefront project space in Kansas City that intends to ‘demonstrate the power of friendship, passion, ambition, and the beauty of living and working together through radical and interdisciplinary practices.’ Since 2010, Front/Space has been supporting artists from a wide range of disciplines, producing pop-up shops, alternative museums, and even a camera obscura. In addition Front/Space hosts a wide range of public programming from workshops to readings to lectures and more.

Centre for Art and Social Practice (CASP) is a collective of groups based in multiple cities in India that produce collaborative and socially engaged projects. Their focus is on ecology, society and culture, through transdisciplinary research, dialogic interventions, public lectures and workshops. In addition, member produce individual and collaborative projects throughout India.

We are excited for posts to start coming in in the first week of February. Check back then to learn more, and to read introductions from some of the participants.

The Social Forms of Art (SoFA) Journal is a publication dedicated to supporting, documenting and contextualising social forms of art and its related fields and disciplines. Each issue of the Journal takes an eclectic look at the ways in which artists are engaging with communities, institutions and the public. The Journal supports and discusses projects that offer critique, commentary and context for a field that is active and expanding.

Created within the Portland State University Art & Social Practice Masters In Fine Arts. Program, SoFA Journal is now fully online.

Conversations on Everything is an expanding collection of interviews produced as part of SoFA Journal. Through the potent format of casual interviews as artistic research, insight is harvested from artists, curators, people of other fields and everyday humans. These conversations study social forms of art as a field that lives between and within both art and life.

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