Gilian Rappaport

Gilian Rappaport is a queer artist of Russian and Polish descent living in Rockaway Beach, Queens.

She has created projects with plants, storytelling, and movement since she was a kid. Her gleeful childhood memories of feeding kids dirt and slugs on New York City playgrounds is a big driver behind her work.

Her recent work spans writing nature stories, performing with raw eggs, serving drinks made from wild-foraged materials, and creating collective screaming practices. Themes include engaging with the the sensory and the natural, illuminating and living with the unknown, and celebrating life’s absurdities and pleasures.

Gilian has a rich background as an herbalist, permaculture designer, researcher, writer, dancer, gallerist, exhibition curator, and design strategist. 

She has lent her branding skills over the past 10 years to businesses, organizations, and projects mostly in the realms of personal care and wellness ranging from a feminist sex toys, to body hair care, and natural menstrual support for people with vulvas. She also spent four years co-authoring accessible, seasonal field guides in the Eastern Forest region, the traditional territory of the Lenape people, with The Outside Institute.

Each of these pursuits has allowed her to shape her multidisciplinary, site-specific approach to her social practice as an artist.

Portrait by Seth Caplan in Brooklyn, 2020