Assembly 2019 will take place May 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Portland, Oregon and is free and open to the public. More information is coming soon in the next months. For information about previous versions please see below.

Assembly 2018 will take place from June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Portland, Oregon and is free and open to the public. Activities will unfold around civic institutions in Downtown, Portland. More information coming soon.

Assembly is a co-authored social practice gathering that includes presentations, discussions, interventions, and activities that address topics related to art and social practice. Participants shape the collective experience by contributing to dialogue, group projects, and publications.

Download the Assembly Catalog.

Below you will find a schedule of events. For more detailed project descriptions, click here.

Friday, June 1 at Portland City Hall 1221 SW 4th Ave


Spectate or Speculate! Hosted by the Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs with Zeph Fishlyn and Eric John Olson


Portland City Special Projects: Dial an Old Friend with Eric John Olson, Samuel Wildman and participants from the Hollywood Senior Center


Remnants of Color Blue: Short term display (Artist Talk and panel discussion) with Richard Lundquist, Anupam Singh, Martha Gies, and Janan Stoll


Difference is a Field with Lauren Moran


Lunch Exchange Endowments with Adam Carlin and Kimberly Sutherland


Citizen | 100 with Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem, Gerald Scrutchions, and the Martin Luther King Jr. School 7th Grade Social Studies Class


The City Seal of Portland, Oregon with Xi Jie Ng (Salty)


Pluralist Practices in Portland | Prácticas Pluralistas en Portland | Thuc tiên da nguyên o Portland with Roshani Thakore, Yaelle Amir, Patricia Vasquez-Gomez, Roya Amirsoleymani, Ariana Jacob, Lisa Bates, and Humberto Marquez Mendez


Forgiveness Pop Up meditation with Amy Subach


Ceding & Creating Space with Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr.

and Kaitlyn McKenzie Nelson, assisted by Amy Subach


KSMoCA Opening Reception Byron Kim: Sunday Paintings

King School Museum of Contemporary Art 4906 NE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97211

Saturday, June 2 at Multnomah County Central Library 801 SW 10th Ave.


In Step with Tia Kramer and Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem

(​Together we will depart at 11:30am from the green space on the corner of NE Oregon Street and NE Interstate Avenu​e​. Wear comfortable walking shoes and layers. We will walk 1.5 miles; all ages and abilities welcome.​ The corner of NE Oregon and NE Interstate is just one block South of the Rose Quarter Max station. We encourage participants to arrive via public transit; there is also a 24hour UPARK 1/2 a block North on Interstate Way.)




Art & Social Practice Special Collections with Lauren Moran, Shoshana Gugenheim Kedem, and Roshani Thakore


Porous Wonder with Xi Jie Ng (Salty)


Correspondence Course with Anke Schüttler, Roshani Thakore, Spencer Byrne-Seres, and members of the CRCI Artist-in-Residence Program


It Can Change As We Go Along, organized by Roz Crews, Mark Menjivar, and Molly Sherman


Karaoke at the Suki’s, 2401 SW 4th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

*This event will begin offsite. See event description for details.

Sunday, June 3 at Native American Student and Community Center 710 SW Jackson St


Speaking, Speaker. with Jessica Cerullo, Tia Kramer, and Anke Schüttler


Collaborative Mapmaking with Emma Colburn


Lunch Social Practice Assembly Pop-ups Featuring:

  • SoFA Journal Blow Up Launch Party
  • Forgiveness Pop Up meditation (one on ones) with Amy Subach
  • The Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs is ready to serve you
  • Real Food, Faux Truck, Food Truck
  • Ceding & Creating Space


Portland Tropical Gardens Closing Party,

Director Park, 815 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205


SAMPling Tropics | SAMP Laptop Ensemble, directed by Burke Jam (in collaboration with Emma Colburn) *at Portland Tropical Gardens



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