Art by Anita Zhuchenya , 2019

Assembly 2019 will take place May 3rd, 4th, and 5th in Portland, Oregon and is free and open to the public.

Join us in shaping the collective experience at Assembly, a weekend of free, thought-provoking events that include discussions, physical activities, participatory projects, meals and workshops. This 6th edition of Assembly will explore social issues, power, migration, recreation and memory in Portland’s most diverse neighborhood, where communities grapple with development plans while cultivating spaces to thrive. This three-day program of activities will take place at Mt. Scott Community Center and venues around the Jade District & 82nd Ave Corridor.

Members of the PSU Art and Social Practice MFA program organize Assembly every year to showcase current work and collaborations with members of the local community. Attend one or all of the events.

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

at Harrison Park Elementary School, 2225 SE 87th Ave, Portland, OR 97216

4:00-6:00pm – Harrison Park School Interplanetary Contemporary Art Fair sponsored by Imagination Academy

at Canton Grill, 2610 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97266

6:30-8:00pm – Canton Grill: A Sensorial Degustation with Salty Xi Jie Ng and Eric John Olson

8:00-9:00pm – Karaoke!!

Saturday, May 4th, 2019

at Mt. Scott Community Center, 5530 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR 97206

Ongoing – SoFA Journal reading nook hosted by Spencer Byrne-Seres, Eric John Olson and Tia Kramer.

10:00-10:30am – Welcome

10:30-11:30am – Mapping the neighborhood through resident’s personal stories about different places by Anupam Singh

11:45-12:45pm – Mindfulness-based Boxing Workshop by Nola Hanson

12:45-1:30pm – Lunch

1:30-2:30pm – Cooperative Games by Shoshana Gugenheim

2:45-3:45pm – Time Capsule by Jordan Rosenblum

4:00-5:00pm – Housing Self-Defense with the Office of Speculative Neighborship with Zeph Fishlyn and Eric John Olson

5:15-6:15pm – Physical Education workshop with keyon gaskin and Takahiro Yamamoto hosted by Spencer Byrne-Seres, Shoshana Gugenheim, Salty Xi Jie Ng and Anupam Singh

6:30-8:00pm – Assembly Brewing with Social Practice Term Definitions launch (21+)

8:21pm – Sunset

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

At Harrison Park (near Harrison Park Elementary), 1931 SE 84th Ave, Portland, OR 97216

10:30-10:45 Welcome

10:45-11:45am – Scores that make space for one’s practice. With Carlos Reynoso, Jordan Rosenblum, Nola Hanson, Brianna Ortega.

At Panaderia 5 De Mayo, 1134 SE 82nd Ave, Portland OR 97216 — 12-1:30pm – La Frontera: Una Conversación by Carlos Reynoso

At Harrison Park (near Harrison Park Elementary), 1931 SE 84th Ave, Portland, OR 97216 — 1:45-2:45pm – Play & Work. Scores exploring adult’s relationship with play by Harrison Park School Students and Brianna Ortega.

At A1 Birdbath, 8560 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97266 — 3:00-6:00pmJim Gion Celebration of Life with Zeph Fishlyn, Tia Kramer, Eric John Olson, Artist Michael Bernard Stevenson Jr, Roshani Thakore and  Artist Matoska

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