PSU’s Art and Social Practice MFA is a 3-year, flexible residency program that combines individual research, group work, and experiential learning.  The program’s blend of critical and professional practice, progressive pedagogy, collaborative social engagement, and transdisciplinary exploration produces an immersive educational environment.

The 90 credit, 3-year course encourages students to shape the direction of their own education and continually develop the program as a whole. Students connect their art practice to research in the field of Social Practice through electives and community partnerships, promoting cross-disciplinary engagement.  Graduating students each produce a public graduate project, an in-depth written text exploring a relevant connection to their practice, and a public artist lecture that surveys their work in the program.

Photo by Mark Menjivar, 2014.

The program accepts approximately six students annually. The deadline for applying is January 14th, 2022 at midnight PST. Interested persons are encouraged to make arrangements to visit the program.

Program Videos

Video by Salty Xi Jie Ng, 2019.

Video by Roz Crews, 2019.