Please join us this Saturday, September 17 at 7 pm
for the opening reception of
an exhibition of art, artifacts and books
Worldwide, human migration is accelerating at a pace that makes the migratory patterns of the industrial revolution look trivial.
These changes of course affect the migratory creatures with whom we share the planet: birds and beasts, microorganisms and the ideas or memes that travel like lightening across continents and, like live creatures, require care and feeding.
These migrations are the subject of the work on exhibit by the following artists:
Aileen Bassis, Meredith Bergmann, The Brooklyn Museum Libraries and Archives, Lola Bunting, Marie Cieri, Viv Corringham, Dillon de Give,  
Sarah Lederman, Portia Munson, Lance Rutledge, Randall Stoltzfus, Lorena Turner James Walsh
in partnership with Reanimation Library, Ami Yamasaki.

Co-hosted by Reanimation Library and Proteus Gowanus, the reception will include a short performance by Ami Yamasaki of Tokyo,
as part of her Feather-Music Installation which travels from Reanimation Library through the Proteus spaces into our main gallery.

Saturday, September 17 at 7 pm
at Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street (at Nevins)
Brooklyn, NY 11215