Assembly 2020


Sun June 7th 8pm-9pm PDT (sunset dance!)

For the final event in Assembly, let’s get our bodies and spirits in motion with KBOO’s DJ Seamstress of Sound!

In the early, deadly days of the AIDS epidemic, activists brought celebratory safe sex education to bars and clubs to bolster LGBTQ+ communities while learning new habits to keep each other healthy. As the final event in Assembly, Zeph Fishlyn hosts an in-person Emergency Dance Party with props to facilitate careful social distancing while playing together in a NE Portland park. Participants can also join online.

Please RSVP at to reserve an in-person spot or to get online details.

We are training to be responders in a global pandemic of paralysis, disorientation, dangerous leadership, and a sudden distrust of our physical and human surroundings. The first step to being a responder is to be grounded and connected to ourselves and others. Together we’re going to shake out the news and the anxiety, explore our bodies and senses, and wrap ourselves in a virtual gauze of collective curiosity.

This is also the wrap up event for City Repair’s Village Building Convergence! More info: