Laura Glazer

About my work

I like talking to people and finding out which details of life matter to them. I like to keep them in mind as I go about my days and any time I run into things that make me think of them I write them a note sharing the thing. I learned about doing this from my friend Roy who first found out about me by listening to my weekly radio show. He sent me postcards with postage that referenced our interests of photography, letter writing, books, and birds. Now I do the same thing with people I encounter in my own life. For me, taking action on the thoughts I have about another person is an art form, a piece of art made for that person. This means that I am at ease asking questions, enjoy listening to answers, and engaging with people around me.

In addition to my correspondence practice, I embrace projects that incorporate my passion for seeking out hidden details and stories with photography, text, and research. Recently, this involved researching the life and work of Hazel Hall, an internationally-known and forgotten poet who lived in Portland in the 1920s. The research was the backbone of a collaboration between me, a composer, choreographers, visual artists, and a publisher. Our work together resulted in an original work of dance and music, art exhibit, zine publications, sound installations, and a small library.

About me

I moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2016 after living in Albany, New York for 15 years. In my life before graduate school I worked as a graphic designer in the healthcare industry. As a volunteer, I founded and hosted a weekly radio show called Hello Pretty City that aired on public radio for 17 years.

I grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia and received a BFA in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating, I joined AmeriCorps, performing service projects throughout the midwestern United States.

When I’m not in school or working on projects, I’m listening to the radio, collecting books and magazines, and using old typewriters to make mail. 

I’m on Instagram at @helloprettycity and blog at You can see some of my projects and design work on

Installing artwork by Terry Ann Carter and Chayo Wilson in the exhibit “Sparking Memory: Artists Respond to Hazel Hall”. Part of the event “The Room Upstairs” which was an evening devoted to celebrating the life and work of poet Hazel Hall through research, original music, and a new work for dance at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, 2019.

Answering questions from the audience with composer and collaborator, Matthew Svoboda on the left, and artist Chayo Wilson on the right, after the premiere of “The Room Upstairs” at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, 2019

The Hazel Hall Traveling Library is a custom designed and fabricated case that allows the books of poetry by Hazel Hall to be protected while being transported. When one side of the case is lifted, readers can reach into the case and pull out a book to immediately begin reading her poems.