Assembly 2021

$100 Project Party

Friday June 11, 5pm PST
Salty Xi Jie Ng, Harrell Fletcher, and MFA students

In Spring 2021, Portland State University Art & Social Practice MFA students were each given $100 to commission someone to do something, anything. Projects included: buying candy for an entire elementary school; continuing an AGNES VARDA FOREVER poster project; retroactively compensating for a minute of building Black excellence; taking a nostalgic driving tour around Bed Stuy, Brooklyn; paying an anonymous woman surfer to go surfing for a week. In this celebratory closing session of Assembly hosted by Salty Xi Jie Ng (alumni, artist and editor of the program’s SoFA Journal), graduate students present their projects and Harrell Fletcher (director of Art & Social Practice MFA) who commissioned the commissions, discusses the class assignment that had far-reaching, multiplier effects. The Spring issue of SoFA journal comprises interviews between students and those they commissioned with $100. Read it at come June 4.

Salty Xi Jie Ng is an artist, alumni and editor of SoFA Journal. She is based in the tropical metropolis of Singapore.

Harrell Fletcher is the founder and director of the Art & Social Practice MFA concentration at Portland State University.