Assembly 2020

Borrowed Tool Project Archive

Mary Olin Geiger with the Carlisle Tool Library in Carlisle, PA

live presentation with conversation at 3pm PST (6PM EST) on Sunday, June 7

register here:

In collaboration with the Carlisle Tool Library, we are documenting the labor of residents in and around Carlisle, PA through their repairs, home improvement work, and creative projects. The Archive is in an initial stage of development after being launched in April – beginning to grow. 

This free event will be part presentation and part conversation. We’ll have a few guests sharing their experiences, and there will be time for discussion. If you’re interested in learning more about what we’re doing, building relationships through tools, and reimagining the borrowed tools in your environment, come hang out and please register ahead of time. Bring along a pencil/pen and paper if you can.

Archive image from Brionna, a Carlisle resident. Here she is pictured with her son working on a flooring project as a surprise for his dad.
Image of Emily and her mom with their finished cutting boards – included in the Archive following a workshop led by Jeff.