Gilian Rappaport

Gilian Rappaport (they/she) is an artist, educator, and naturalist.

In this urgent moment of climate catastrophe, their practice is asking “What can we learn from closeness with nature, and the paths to get there?”

They experiment with co-authorship to deepen our sense of connection to our natural environments and communities.

Their design thinking practice allows them to continue asking these questions while supporting the vision for projects aiming to renew, restore and nurture our world.

The granddaughter of Ashkenazi migrants by way of Russia and Poland, they were born and raised in New York between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers.

Their work has found its way into the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Vogue, and The New York Times. They are currently a collaborating artist at KSMoCA, a contemporary art museum inside a public elementary school in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

They are openly queer, and live and work in Rockaway Beach, Queens and Portland, Oregon.

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Portrait by Seth Caplan