Incidental Pancakes!


As part of  The Incidental Person at Apex Art Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling created The Incidental Pancake, February 18-22, 2010, Bubby’s Pie Company, 120 Hudson Street in Tribeca, NY, NY.

We are looking forward to The Pancake Placement Group (PPG) presenting a version of The Incidental Pancake here in Portland Oregon as part of a pancake breakfast conversation with artist Mark Dion.

The Incidental Pancake, is a microbial enterprise designed to collaborate with multiple hosts.  The PPG will introduce their 111-year old Yukon Goldrush sourdough culture into pancake batter. This particular strain of sourdough developed in some of the most remote conditions in the world. In sub-zero temperatures this culture survived and sustained thousands of would-be gold miners, dreaming of striking it rich in the Klondike.  As The Incidental Pancake is consumed, so too is it’s social and cultural history in the Yukon.