Assembly 2021

Plant Show & Tell hosted by People’s Plant Museum

Tuesday June 8, 5pm PST
Emma Duehr Mitchell and YOU!

People’s Plant Museum preserves the stories and relationships between plants and people, while exploring the intersection of public and private spaces. The physical plants are exhibited in the 765 sq ft gallery space located inside a residential building in East Portland, Oregon. In the digital archive, the museum displays plants alongside interviews with their respective caretakers. All plants in The Collection have been exchanged by people through methods of propagation, trade, and donation. 

Join our curator, Emma Duehr Mitchell for a Plant Show & Tell: bring your plants and prepare to share their stories!

Emma Duehr Mitchell is an artist, educator, and curator living and working in Portland, Oregon. She works with collective storytelling, notion of care, and exchange through domestic practices such as gardening, craft, and mail. Addressing themes of the everyday, her work examines the intersection of public and private spaces, personal and collective value, and what it means to be qualified. 

Emma is the founder and curator of People’s Plant Museum, which preserves the relationships between plants and people through a living collection and digital archive. She is the organizer of Talking Tushies, a project that embroiders sexual violence statistics on cloth patches and invites survivors around the world to share their experiences through writing on the project website. Her Homes for Homes project creates memorial drawings of residential buildings and archives their value through interviews with past residents. She teaches at Portland State University and is an Artist Mentor at King School Museum of Contemporary Art (KSMoCA). Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Africa, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and within the United States. 

Emma is in her final term in the MFA Art and Social Practice Program at Portland State University.