Roshani Thakore

Roshani Thakore is interested in using collaboration with artists and non-artists to examine, redefine, and envision new identities and environments through mediums such as drawing, painting, photography, video, movement, processions, storytelling, protests, dance, design, and more. Her work is site-specific; her last body of work was developed in Queens, New York – the most diverse place in the nation and one of the pioneering places for socially engaged practice. While her time in New York, she studied with Andrew Ginzel, worked with the Queens Museum under Tom Finkelpearl’s stewardship, volunteered at Immigrant Movement International, and was part of the South Asian Women’s Creative Collective.

In 2018, she will be the Jade District Contemporary Artist in Residence through the APANO and Division Midway Alliance Creative Placemaking Projects Grant, and will collaborate with Anke Schuettler and the Free Mind Collective for the project Answers Without Words, funded by the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Precipice Fund.

Additionally, while in Portland, she is learning more about the resistance movement in Portland’s art landscape through PoC leaders, visionaries, and cultural producers. She is also exploring the South Asian experience in Portland through its restaurant kitchens. If you are interested in sharing a South Asian meal with her, please contact her at rt(at)roshanithakore(dot)com. You can also find her at the King School Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Columbia River Correctional Institute.