We Make the Road by Walking- A Project by Travis Souza

Check out this project by current PSU MFA Social Practice student Travis Souza:

From the 29th of August two of my brothers and I will be walking the entirety of the proposed California High Speed Rail route from Los Angeles, finishing in San Francisco on the 30th of September. At ground level and walking pace we will, in a way, be drawing a line across California where a variety of people, places and practices converge. We will be documenting and accumulating materials from this engagement. Since the route connects California’s largest cities through most of its agricultural and rural places the rail’s imminent construction has generated much discussion revealing the complex interconnectedness of geography, work, leisure, economics, farming, food, ecology, sustainability, urban and rural culture, and more besides. We will be spending much of our time speaking to farmers who will be effected, asking them for their hospitality in letting us camp on their land for the night.  Also, many of these issues will be addressed in public discussions and by a few others who will walk parts of our journey with us in a discourse shaped by our immediate environments/landscapes/locale.

This project is supported by Wattis Gallery / CCA as part of Harrell Fletcher’s Capp Street Project Residency.

Presentation 30 September
Friday, September 30, 2011, 7:00–9:00 pm
Timken Lecture Hall


If you would like to join us at any point in our walk or to join in some of our events feel free to contact us: