Assembly 2022

Friday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 5th

Event Schedule with project descriptions

Friday, June 3rd

12:00pm – 12:50pmHow to Make Friends: Advice From Some Fourth GradersOlivia DelGandio & Ms. Bre’s ClassLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomParticipatory

Making friends is hard! Let’s go back to school and learn the basics. We’ll start the hour by viewing a video featuring Valerie, Angelica, and Norma, students in Ms. Bre’s fourth grade class. Together, they’ll guide us through the essential questions to ask when getting to know someone. The video will then be followed by a collaborative exercise where Ms. Bre’s fourth graders will be paired up with the attending adults to practice the art of making friends!

Homework Assignment 

Come up with your own list of questions essential to getting to know someone. Ask them to a stranger. 

1:00PM – 1:50PMArt Forgery ClubCaryn Aasness & StudentsLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomWorkshop/Play

Make your mark on the KSMoCA Art Book Library. In small groups, we will choose images of works of art from the books in the library collection that stand out to us. Then, we will recreate them with our own bodies and some provided props. The resulting images, our altruistic art forgeries, will be included in the art book library for visitors to see and admire!

Homework assignment:

Can you picture a work of art in your head? Try to draw it or recreate it with your body from memory without looking it up. When you are done look up the original and see how close you got in your recreation. 

2:00PM – 2:50PMIAC: The StoneDiana Marcela Cuartas & Illia YakovenkoThe Halls of KSMoCAShow Opening

The International Acquisitions Committee presents The Stone: an exhibition opening and a screening of the original work. The Stone is a video performance by Ukrainian artists Anna Sorokovaya and Taras Kovach. It was inspired by 7000 Oaks by Joseph Beuys and is about monuments, the environment, and feelings of disorientation due to the current war, occupation, and displacement in Ukraine. 

This artwork got picked by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School students to become part of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. School Museum (KSMoCA) art collection and was featured at Fred Hampton Summer Camp. The exhibition features materials that provide further insight into The Stone: the surrounding context, its history, and meaning. The exhibition and event was curated in collaboration with Diana Marcela Cuartas.

3:00PM – 3:50PMThe 5th Grade Safety Patrol High Vizibility Crosswalk SpectacutlarBecca Kauffmann & Mo Geiger and MLK Jr School Crosswalk CrewDr. MLK: the rainbow crosswalk by the soccer court at NE Grand Ave and Humboldt StPublic Performance

What and who do we want to make more visible? In the case of the Dr. MLK 5th Grade Safety Patrol, the answer just might be: each other. Every day from Monday to Friday during the school year, these volunteers suit up in high visibility garb to help their fellow students safely cross the street to and from school. Join us for the first annual Hi-Vizability Crosswalk Spectacular, the grand finale of our month-long collaboration with the Safety Patrol team in which they’ll debut their flagging routine on a freshly painted guerilla crosswalk while decked out in brand new customized hi-viz attire. 

Special thanks to Niek Pulles and the Nike materials lab for their textile donations.

4:00PM – 4:50PMArtist Talk with Moe and LuzLuz Blumenfeld & MoeLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomConversation

Let’s talk about art baby, let’s talk about you and me,

If you have any questions that you specifically want us to answer, please email them to Luz at lublu2@pdx.edu prior to the event on June 3rd, 2022. 

Homework assignment:

  • Interview someone you see every day. This could be your parent, child, someone you see everyday at the coffee shop,
  • Ask your favorite artist some questions.

Saturday, June 4th

10:00AM – 10:50AMPersona Muy Importante – VIP TourDiana Marcela CuartasTouring all around the Museum – there is a table in the hallway/ entryTour / Visita guiada VIP

Acompáñenos en una visita guiada exclusiva en español por las instalaciones del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de la Escuela Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. de la mano de Diana Marcela Cuartas, artista Colombiana y estudiante de 2do año de la maestría en Arte y Práctica Social de la Universidad Estatal de Portland.
Tendremos una pequeña recepción, presentaremos la colección permanente y algunos de los proyectos que se desarrollan dentro este museo-escuela como el Comité de Adquisiciones Internacionales y el trabajo de la artista en residencia Lucía Monge (Perú).
Todas las familias y vecinos de la escuela que hablen español son bienvenidos a conocer de cerca este espacio de creación artística y conectar con otros miembros de la comunidad que comparten el idioma.

11:00AM – 11:50AMThe Art We ValueShelbie LoomisLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomGraduate Lecture

What in our lives can be considered art? What makes art valuable? 

Shelbie Loomis will be giving her graduate lecture about her work leading up to The Art We Value, a socially engaged art project with portraits, interviews, and ongoing exchanges that explores how twelve neighbors living in Jantzen Beach RV Park and Hayden Island Mobile Home Community in North Portland think about art in their lives. 

She will be exploring methods of working through exchange such as drawing, conversations, and spending quality time with residents in her neighborhood. And explaining threads of common artistic research and other projects around topics of home, art, and monetary value versus intrinsic value around objects.

The Art We Value is produced in collaboration with Alice Smith, Michael Smith, Dago Sanchez, John Ingels, Greg Hatley, Michelle Grimes, Cecilia Saucedo, Chris Emery, Sam Churchill, Benita Alioth, Carroll Kachold, and Herman Kachold.

1:00PM – 1:50PM🏀 N-E-I-G-H-B-O-R 🏀Lillyanne Pham and LoDr. MLK Outside Basketball CourtBasketball Game

Join 🏀 N-E-I-G-H-B-O-R 🏀 , a basketball game filled with playful competition collaboration. Let’s bond through sweat! We will collectively make 8 ball shots to spell NEIGHBOR as many times as we can within the hour. After every ball shot, we will practice getting to know each other through questions made by Lomarion and Lillyanne. 

2:00PM – 2:50PMField Guide to a Crisis and Chester: Staring Down the White GazeJustin MaxonVirtualGraduate Lecture

Justin Maxon (he/him) will be presenting his graduate lecture about his practice and the two projects he developed during his time in the Art & Social Practice program: “Chester: Staring Down the White Gaze” (a book project in collaboration with Dr. Herukhuti Willams, and Chester, PA artists Desire Grove, Wydeen Ringgold, and Leon Patterson); and “Field Guide to a Crisis,” (a skill development training program in collaboration with people in recovery from substance abuse in his hometown of Eureka, CA). Both of which have helped him reconcile his relationship to power and privilege as an artist who is racialized as white.

3:00PM – 3:50PMInvitation to RestMarina Lopez + Clara TakarabeVirtualTime to rest

An Invitation to Rest is co-facilitated by Clara Takarabe and Marina Lopez. Let’s be honest, life is a lot right now and the capitalist grind and concurrent crises has us all in dire need of a long, restorative nap. Bring your cozy clothes, your weary bones, and come ready to relax. 

During this session, your rest facilitators will use Clinically Designed Improvisational Music developed by Clara and the research team at Northwestern University paired with simple movements that signal to your brain and body that you are safe; shifting your nervous system from a state of fight or flight into a restful state of restoration. 

This session seeks to disrupt habitual patterns in our brain and body as a means of disrupting social, economic, and political systems that perpetuate harm across sinew, psyche, and generations. Come experience how rest can be a place of endless possibility, transformation and even revolution. 

4:00PM – 4:50PMI Want Everyone to Know with Ms. Melodie AdamsLaura Glazer & Ms. Melodie AdamsLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomInterview and Presentation

First grade teacher and community leader, Ms. Melodie Adams, will share what she wants everyone to know in a keynote interview with Laura Glazer followed by a celebration of the book by Laura called I Want Everyone to Know, The Black History Month Doors at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School. The book features an extended interview with Ms. Adams. 

5:00PM – 5:50PMBook LaunchLaura Glazer & Ms. Melodie AdamsLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomBook Signing/Ceremony

Sunday, June 5th

10:00AM – 10:50AMSoFA Journal Release PartyPSU Art and Social Practice ProgramLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomJournal Release

11:00AM – 11:50AMSelf Care Zine WorkshopKiara Walls and Lillyanne PhamMLK Parking LotWorkshop

 Join zine expert Kiara Walls and Lillyanne Pham in a community “self-care zine”. Each participant will create a page about self care using their choice of materials (collage, paint, drawing, etc.) to be added to a published Zine about self care to share with our community. 

12:00PM – 12:50PMLens-based Practices & Socially Engaged ArtRebecca CopperLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomGraduate Lecture

Rebecca will discuss her artistic practice and the research that evolved over the course of her graduate studies at Portland State University within the Art and Social Practice MFA program. The presentation will cover work such as the development of site-specific projects that occurred at Colonial Hills in Worthington, Ohio and the Single Parent Archive, of which Rebecca co-founded with Marti Clemmons. Rebecca will discuss methodologies that connect her socially engaged work to her lens-based practices.

2:00PM – 2:50PMCollective DoingMo GeigerLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomGraduate Lecture

In this lecture, graduating student Mo Geiger will present her most recent work as part of a path toward collective doing and thinking. Her interdisciplinary and often collaborative projects blend interpersonal relationships, physical material, craft, and multimedia performance. In this narrative talk, Mo will describe relationships made while bottle-feeding lambs, weaving in public on a handmade loom, planting seeds for a day in Oregon, performing on a lakeside in Pennsylvania, and hiding a secret capsule in the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building. By performing shared labor in her immediate surroundings, she explores embodied knowledge and the ways that her collaborators’ routines, passions, and knowledge can be windows into unfamiliar ways of relating. 

3:00PM – 3:50PMThe Gatherade Stand 01Giliian Rappaport and students from Ms. Johnson’s 5th Grade ClassLibrary at Dr. MLK Jr Elem School + ZoomInteractive Installation

The Gatherade Stand is a co-authored art project in the form of a lemonade stand that serves drinks* made from wild-foraged plants and creates opportunities for collaborative creativity centering those same plants.

Lead Artist and Naturalist: Gilian Rappaport

Artist, Teacher and Collaborator: Ms. Johnson

Artist, Audio Composer and Collaborator: DJ Tikka Masala 

Student Artists: Caeden, Fatina, Matthew, Bella, Rehena, Romero, Zayair, Ana, Amaury, Penelope, Caterina, Romelia, Tayler, Serena, Aden, and Timmy

*This season, we are serving sodas made from the nettle plant

Many thanks to all those who have supported this work. Thanks to our canner, Mike Lockwood of Duality Brewing. Cans will be donated to Trash For Peace, who builds community-led and equitable waste reduction and recycling systems in Portland. Thanks to artists Michael Bernard Stevenson, Lisa Jarrett, Harrell Fletcher, Lucia Monge, Lillyanne Pham, Luz Blumenfeld, Mo Geiger, Becca Kauffman, and Hilary Rappaport.


4:00PM – 4:50PMClosing EventPSU Art and Social Practice ProgramTBAParty/Celebration