Program Trips

The Art & Social Practice program takes an annual research trip as an opportunity to expand our knowledge of and connection to artists, organizations, communities, and economies in other parts of the world.


The program chose to stay local in 2019, and explore regional connects to Seattle and the Bay Area.


In June 2018 members of the program visited Vancouver, BC, where we met with curators, artists, students, teachers from across the city.

In June 2017 we visited Berlin. We participated in a series of workshops with artists around the city and curated our own socially engaged art event.

In January 2016 we visited Mexico City.  We participated in a 2-day workshop intensive with Pedro Reyes, watched a personal screening of Yoshua Okón’s newest work, discussed DIY publishing with Cráter Invertido, drank Mezcal with Paul Ramirez Jonas, exchanged critiques with students at SOMA, and toured a Leon Golub show with curators at Museo Tomayo.

In November 2015 we traveled to Los Angeles.  We presented the Reference Points series at MCASD, slept in Wagon Stations at AZ West, visited Allison Agsten at the Hammer Museum, met with Mark Allen at Machine Project, ate lunch at Chris Johanson’s studio, workshopped an idea with Miranda July, and engaged with Halprin scores at Fritz Haeg’s last public program at Sundown Dome.