About – PSU Art & Social Practice


PSU’s Art and Social Practice MFA is composed of a combination of individual research, group work, and experiential learning. The program’s blend of critical and professional practice, collaborative social engagement, and transdisciplinary exploration produces an immersive educational environment. The three-year course encourages students to shape the direction of their own education, and continually redefine and develop the program as a whole. Students connect their art practice to research in the field through electives and community partnerships, promoting cross-disciplinarily engagement. Student artwork and research are presented publicly throughout the program and culminate in a final graduate project presented in the third and final year of the program.


The MFA program requires 90 credit hours of coursework. Just under half of these credit hours are directed studies and weekly group workshops. The rest are distributed among contemporary art history and theory seminars, special topics, writing, pedagogy and professional practices seminars, non-art electives, and a graduate project. Students are encouraged to connect with and follow lines of inquiry outside the traditional study of studio art.

The 90 credit hours required for completion of the program are distributed as follows:

  • Directed Studies + Workshops (40 credits)
  • Visiting Artist Seminar (12 credits)
  • Contemporary Art History/Theory (12 credits)
  • Electives (outside department) (8 credits)
  • Graduate Seminars (12 credits)
  • Graduate Project (6 credits)